Michael and I have a history

For your added interest, here's a couple of blasts from the past, both as relevant and entertaining today as they were back then. Michael and I have a history. The first film we made together, a TV documentary, was in 1983, One Man and the Sea followed in 1987 by the Award-winning Flight of Fancy.


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One Man and the Sea

25 mins

This film shows the successful experiments by New Zealand Artist Michael Smither in rebuilding eroding beaches using driftwood. Coastal erosion is a world-wide problem – Michael’s proven trials in New Plymouth are one solution.

View the film here

One Man and the Sea


Flight of Fancy

Duration: 51 mins

In 1986 New Zealand Artist Michael Smither explored a childhood dream – human flight.

This documentary follows his attempts to build a flying suit based on the growth of feathers on a bird – with some artistic licence. Shot entirely on location around the dramatic landscape of Farewell Spit at the tip of the South Island, this film explores a lateral view of aviation and the freedom to express art in any form. Also features New Zealand Cartoonist and Author Burton Silver, and Caroline Girdlestone, Sewing Machine Artiste and Animal Wrangler.

Special Jury Prize – New Zealand Adventure Film Festival
Best Cinematography – New Zealand Film and Television Awards
New Zealand Representative – Cinema du Reel, Paris.

View the film here

Flight of Fancy