Episode Six
Michael Smither:
World Premiere
NZ International
Film Festival

The sixth instalment in filmmaker Tony Hiles’ amiable chronicle of a decade in the life and work of artist Michael Smither.
In a brief prologue Smither explains how indelibly screen-print work was associated with his father, and that he abandoned the medium after his father died. A meeting with screen printer Don Tee eventually brought him back to it, and it’s a medium he relishes for keeping his work affordable and accessible. The remainder of the film is spent in the print shop watching the two of them executing editions of three pieces. One is a small black-on-white piece commemorating Rita Angus; another a colour composition based on an earlier oil painting; the third a new edition of a large earlier screen print, sumptuous stylised tides with rocks and jet-black gulls.
As the two attend to the repetitive and meticulous adjustments of colour and registration, they share their insights and information about the technical process and its evolution – and we observe the understated camaraderie of perfectionists at work.


City Associates Films (established 1980)
Producer/Director Tony Hiles

Fifty musicians, two bands and one German percussionist will create a musical celebration unlike any other you have ever seen. Featuring the 'sSendam Rawkestra' showcasing their medical hit 'Bi-polar Anthem', and The Balkanistas with a line-up from all around the world, these two 'acoustic' Wellington Bands take no prisoners as they combine forces in the feature documentary 'Bands of Hope and Glory', a non-stop celebration of loud music and love of life. In New Zealand and in development.

Bands of Hope and Glory - Hope from City Associates Films on Vimeo.

2009 - 2019
In June 2009 I started a self-funded ten year project with artist Michael Smither, to diarise the decade 2009 to 2019. In 2009 Michael turned 70. I asked him what he was going to do. He said he had ten years worth of unfinished paintings. I said what about I video-diarise you completing all these unseen works. He agreed. It also coincided with what Michael claimed was his last dealer-gallery exhibition. Five years on and there are five documentaries in the can. This body of work displays the processes of Michael's work and life. He will spend the 2009 − 2019 decade completing his own collection of unfinished works; caring for the environment; writing music; starting new works; and anything else that takes his fancy. Here is the latest film:

Episode Five
Michael Smither: Music
The fifth film in this project Premiered at the Wellington Film Festival on Thursday 7 August 2014 at 12.15pm City Gallery.
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