Episode Five
Michael Smither:
World Premiere
Film Festival


Wellington filmmaker Tony Hiles reaches the half-way point in his ten-year documentary series celebrating the creative skills of artist Michael Smither.
A retrospective exhibition at the Pah Homestead presents an opportunity for painter and composer Michael Smither to survey his 40-year adventure in synaesthesia, expressing sound and colour together.

City Associates Films (established 1980)
Producer/Director Tony Hiles

2009 - 2019
In June 2009 I started a self-funded ten year project with artist Michael Smither, to diarise the decade 2009 to 2019. In 2009 Michael turned 70. I asked him what he was going to do. He said he had ten years worth of unfinished paintings. I said what about I video-diarise you completing all these unseen works. He agreed. It also coincided with what Michael claimed was his last dealer-gallery exhibition.

Five years on and there are five documentaries in the can. This body of work displays the processes of Michael's work and life. He will spend the 2009 − 2019 decade completing his own collection of unfinished works; caring for the environment; writing music; starting new works; and anything else that takes his fancy.

Here is the latest film

Episode Five
Michael Smither: Music
The fifth film in this project Premiered at the Wellington Film Festival on Thursday 7 August 2014 at 12.15pm City Gallery.
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